Oct 15, 2012

Qualities Needed To Achieve Success

Success is one of the innate desires of all human beings.  The aspiration to achieve success is a powerful and dynamic fuel that makes people alive and keep going...

Success: Innate Desire of All Human Beings

The road to success is complex and thorny and some of the qualities needed to achieve success are determination, resolution, decisiveness and firmness.   Success is grit and fortitude.  Success is will power.

Success is one of the  innate desires of all human beings.  The aspiration to get to success is a powerful and dynamic fuel that makes people alive and keep going.  Nevertheless, the way to self realization is not that simple.  For this reason, it is important to be unyielding, optimistic and always confident. 

What counts in success is the ability to be tough but flexible, the ability to stand firm even before negative and off-putting events and circumstances.   Likewise, the capacity to focus all your energy and attention to a given objective is an essential quality to achieve success.

The Road To Success

In an evolving society primarily based on appearance or external image, it is quite normal that every person wants to emerge from all the rest.  Almost always, the motivation behind the desire for success has a great impact on the final result. 

If persons are inspired by an authentic love, passion and zeal, it is possible that they would do all their very best to realize success in their life project.  Success comes naturally for people who believe in what they do.  Otherwise, a negative outcome may  immediately dispirit those who do not feel that same enthusiasm and fervor. 

To make the most out of every possible road to achieve success is proper and acceptable, but this should not become the only reason to exist.   Success should not become an obsession, a mania or a destructive fixation.  It is right to be determined and to persevere, but it is equally important not to overlook and neglect things that count in life such as loved ones, friends,  acquaintances and the usual beneficial and constructive habits that make existence pleasurable and enjoyable. 

The world is full of people who have dedicated an entire life to reach objectives that are not viable for them to realize, ignoring other projects suitable for their real nature and capabilities.  Honesty is needed  in evaluating the feasibility of certain objectives. 

Anxieties and Fear to Maintain Success

People who have tenaciously aspired for and who have successfully achieved success are sometimes obsessed with fear and anxieties to uphold and maintain that magic thing that makes them feel superior and powerful and luckier from all the rest. 

Persons obsessed by  success can change and success can likewise transform persons and their lives. Success can give rise to loneliness, total isolation, depression.  Success can become failure in a blink of an eye.

For the great English statesman, Winston Churchill, “success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”

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